Applied Jainism Objective:

The objective of Applied Jainism and this website is to provide knowledge from the Jain tradition that has been found helpful, which folks can implement into their lives as part of their working understanding of reality. The objective is to guide people in attaining self-reliance to overcome adversity and attain happiness, peace, and equanimity by applying the insights of Jainism. The objective is not to proselytize or convert people to Jainism.

What is Jainism?

Jainism is an ancient religious-philosophy presenting insights into reality, particularly regarding human potential and well-being. It is primarily an understanding of reality that identifies the existence of Soul, the nature and qualities of Soul, and the means by which the power of the Soul can be used to address and overcome adversity and attain happiness. Jainism provides 5 insights into reality which guide us in this process to happiness, peace, and equanimity.

The 5 insights are:

  • The existence of an eternal, independent Soul;
  • Non-harming;
  • Non-absolutism;
  • Non-attachment;
  • The Law of Action-Reaction

What is Applied Jainism?

Jainism presents these 5 insights specifically for the purpose of enhancing our well-being through the development of our full human potential by way of attaining our pure Soul nature. The insights are supported by logic, which we must use to appreciate the validity of the knowledge prior the application of the insights to our lives. In other words, we have the responsibility to validate the truth of the insights with logic. A clear understanding strengthens our belief and self-reliance in progressive, life changing decision making.

We live in an ever changing, often turbulent and precarious world. In the midst of this we strive for stability and long lasting peace. Applying the insights of Jainism is a way to establish that for which we strive. The insights reveal a concrete aspect of reality thereby informing us of our greater human potential, and the necessary development by which we experience that potential.